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Samson's Delilah Dilemma  IHS (Confessions)


In 1966, Percy Sledge released a sultry, soulful recorded version of "When A Man Loves A Woman." This song quickly became a musical anthem among men who fell prey to the grips of true love, or the fleeting lust of a dangerous (to their soul) woman. The full lyrics penned in this song attempt to explain the love a man may have for his woman, whether she be considered by others to be good, wayward, or downright strange fire ratchet!


Some men excuse or defend their honor despite their deceptive behavior. In the case of Samson, many have sadly expressed the travesty it was for him to have been a great anointed Nazirite warrior and ruler over God's people, who seemingly wasted his young life and strength by giving in to his unrestrained passions. Unchecked, those feelings led him to live carelessly. Samson's disobedience, zeal for violence, action, and his apparent thirst for sexual immorality caused him to be distracted. 


Drawn away, deceived, and then snuffed out upon the delicate lap of Delilah, the object of his desire; seemingly the "FAMOUS" (Samson), was subdued by the "INFAMOUS" (Delilah). His cockiness was no match for her coy, coquettish ways. However, behind the scene, God's orchestration was at work. For this cause, we will take a deeper look at the plight of this great man of God through this storyteller's lenses. There, we will discover (in part) why we should celebrate Samson for living his life with exact purpose, unto God.

Also, written here are short modern-day stories of men and women caught in predicaments and entanglements. Challenging the very nature of their souls and spirits, many come to know God the Father through His Dear Son, Jesus Christ, the "Great Deliverer." Amen.


Moses's Zipporah IHS  (Letters)


Her of Samaria IHS  (Testimonies)

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